Bandiez Couture

Bandiez was founded in 2011 to help raise money for a mission trip to a small country in Southern Africa called
Swaziland. The purpose of the trip was to help vulnerable children orphaned to AIDS survive in a place that contains one of the world's most aggressive HIV rates, and therefore an incredibly high number of children with no parents.

Since visiting Africa, our vision of helping women and children has only gotten stronger. Most recently, a trip to Haiti has now allowed us to begin producing a portion of our headbands abroad, which directly benefit impoverished Haitian mothers that live in an otherwise destitute environment.  The creation of these high paying jobs and self-sustaining careers, empower women who would normally be reduced to victims of circumstance and poverty. They can now benefit from the merits of their own creative productivity, and are now enjoying a significantly higher quality of life. 

Today, as our business expands both here in the United States and internationally, our goal is simple; to continue to support communities and people around the world that are in need. Proceeds from every purchase made are used to accomplish this goal through donations to charities such as Heart for Africa and Children's Hope Chest International.